Michael Prince Johnson with 5 New Album Releases is in 2022 on the global market including Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, and up to 300 stores. Music genre: Instrumental music of Hip Hop, RnB Soul, Funk, and EDM.

The musical topic of the album "African History Vol.1" is the history of Black African civilizations, culture, and cover-up of African establishments.

The Album " History Of Epidemics Vol.2 " is about the history of all epidemics including the history of Covid 19.

Albums 72 Diamonds Vol. 40, Michaela Queenie Johnson Vol.7, and Hip Hop Crystals Vol.1 are about the importance of taking the correct advice and living life including to right decision. Also the consequence of the wrong decision and imagination.

All Albums are produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed by Michael Prince Johnson.


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