Michael Prince Johnson (born November 24, 1983), is an Afro-American instrumental music artist, music producer, composer, arranger, improviser, singer-songwriter, virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, percussionist (Kalimba/Mbira, Surdo, Shekere), and DJ. He has released from 2007 to today a total of 70 albums, over 600 songs, 44 soundtracks, 3 DVD film music documentaries, and 30 educational music videos, and sold single-handed worldwide around 5.9 million. He is known for his educational impact, versatile and virtuosic instrumental musician, prolific album output, live electronic acoustic music performances, DJ set, and for his fashion. Overall global airplay 1500 radio stations in 100 countries from 6 continents, and over 500 million listeners.
Songs have been played on the mainstream, adult contemporary, classic hits, and Urban radio in (UK) BBC, (US) The Greatest Hit 92 and Hot 97, (Canada) CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM, (Australia) 89.3 LAFM, and by MyTuner Radio (Worldwide).
He is the first instrumental music artist, composer, and producer, based in Austria to achieve global airplay success on mainstream, adult contemporary, classic hits, and Urban radio in the US, Canada, UK, and by MyTuner Radio (Worldwide).
Also, the first Black music artist, composer, producer, and DJ based in Austria to have global airplay success on mainstream, adult contemporary, classic hits, and Urban radio in the US, Canada, and the UK, and by MyTuner Radio (Worldwide).
He has achieved worldwide airplay success on mainstream, adult contemporary, and classic hits with songs:
"Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt", "History Of Epidemics", "War Produced The Death and Destruction", " Let's Go Crazy" etc.
The song "Let's Go Crazy" debuted at number #1 on the mainstream, adult contemporary, classic hits radio stations in the (US) The Greatest Hits WRRN 92 Gold, ( Canada) Bounce Radio CKX-FM 96.1BOB FM, ( Austria) MyTuner Radio, and  Played over 300 radio stations, In 30 Countries, and over Millions of listeners worldwide.
The best-selling global and national instrumental music artist and percussionist is based in Austria.
Also, the songs have been performed on airplay on all Austrian national radio stations Hitradio Ö3, FM4, and Ö1 Classical music. 

He is the best-selling global and national instrumental music artist and percussionist based in Austria.

He is a member of the successful global music duo band The 72 Diamonds, with his wife Michaela Queenie Johnson. And also the founder and owner of record label

He is known for his educational impact, percussionist and DJ with the largest catalog of music, and virtuous multi-instrumentalist of Mbira, Kalimba, Surdo, Shekere, Drum machine, MPC, Live set, and DJ set. And also for his fashion.

From 2020 up to today he released 3 DVD film music educational documentaries " Knowledge, Music And Me ", " Human Behavior and  Crime Zone " and "History Of Epidemics". Also, 32 educational documentary music videos. Also, his compositions were used and played for numerous video games, films, advertisements, TV, businesses, universities, schools, clubs, festivals, and youtube channels.

His most notable songs are "History Of Epidemics", "Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt", "Forgetting The Culture Of Origin", " Importance Of Nature ", "Human Behavior And Crime Zone", "Employments", "Wrong Decision", "Health", "Miseducation", "History Of Religion", "Scientific Racism"

 "Let's Go Crazy", and many more.

In his live performance, he plays all instruments live including Mbira, Kalimba, Surdo, Shekere, and Drum machine, including live singing and a DJ set. He has performed at numerous clubs, events, and concerts including Space Ibiza, Wiener Stadthalle, Club U4, ORF RadioKulturhaus, MuseumsQuartier, Szene Wien, Planet Music, Floridita Club Vienna, and Volksgarten Club Disco. At the age of 7, he wrote, composed, arranged, performed, and sang his songs. 


His global musical achievement includes musical artist, composer, producer, musician, instrumentalist, and DJ with the greatest educational impact. He is a percussionist and DJ with the largest music catalog. A musical artist with one of the largest music catalogs, one of the most sampled artists, and DJ on a youtube channel, and one of the best-selling instrumental musical artists of EDM, Hip Hop/RnB/Soul/ Funk, Rock, and Pop artists globally. Also, his music catalog is larger than any artist or band in the rank of the world's best-selling music artists. His music catalog has a value of between 20 million to 100 million euros. Also, his album 72 Diamonds with 72 songs is the one of most expensive download Albums on iTunes with a price of 72 Euro and a running time of 8 Hours 35 Minutes.


His name has on Google search engine between 50 million to 300 million results. Spotify the leading streaming service create the Spotify playlist "This Is Michael Prince Johnson" with his Top 50 most streaming hit songs. All albums and songs are self-produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed.

His musical achievement in Austria includes the largest music catalog in Austria, the most sampled musical artist, producer, composer, arranger, musician, and DJ on the youtube channel globally and nationally that comes from Austria and he is also the best selling recording artist, musician, instrumentalist, and DJ from Austria with African descent. His songs have been performed on airplay on all Austrian national radio stations Ö1 Classical music, FM4, and Hitradio Ö3. Also on radio Arabella, Lounge FM, Superfly FM, and radio hit Energy. Also his music video for "Say My Name" from the album 2010 " Say My Name Pt 2" gets heavy rotation on Austrian music television GO TV.


All Albums are available on Youtube, Google Play Music, iTunes, Amazon, Beatport,, and up to 300 download stores worldwide. Also, available also on his website and DJ Mixes.

His songs were used and sampled on CBS, BET (Black Entertainment Television), video games for Starcraft, Shroud Of The Avatar Forsaken Virtues, The Lord Of Rings, Neverwinter, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Sleeping Dogs, Grand Theft, Overwatch, and Minecraft, Film for Roman Pozhidaev and Film Trailer for Recall For Pheasants, and sampled by millions of youtube channels users worldwide. Also, his album 72 Diamonds Vol. 38 was featured on the DJ-leading Online Store compilation album Beatport Music Releases Pack 895 (2019). His articles were on USA online magazine Revolvy Trending Topic, Austrian online magazine Kurve Kulturvernetzung and others.


Also, some of his songs are licensed to the Sony / The Orchard, Sony / ATV Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Warner / Chappell Music, and Universal Music Group.

His musical topics include African History, Human Rights, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Genetics, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Employment, The Importance Of Music and Nature, Spirituality, Health, World History, and Today.

His instrumental music includes HipHop, RnB, Soul, Funk, EDM, Pop, African Pop Music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Film music, Video Games, and Classical Crossover music.

His music has an extremely knowledgeable message, very complicated music topics, and a true historical meaning. His music has simply described the music of knowledge, truth, consciousness, and conscience.


His most notable albums include 72 Diamonds Volumes, African Civilizations Volumes, Michaela Queenie Johnson Volumes, Knowledge, Music And Me, History Of Epidemics, Human Behavior And Crime Zone, Love Songs Vol.1, Rock Crystal Volumes, Chill Out Time Volumes, Erotic Time Volumes, Halloween Time Volumes, My Symphony Vol.1, Top Singles by Michael Prince Johnson and Top Singles Dance and House.


His musical song titles are factual, historically, and come from references and sources of established books.