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New Albums Released

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Spirit Of Music
(Michael Prince Johnson)
Office Place
Dehmelgasse 10
1160 Vienna, Austria
Phone: 0664 390 52 57

               New Albums By Michael Prince Johnson

The new albums of Michael Prince Johnson are available on Spotify, Youtube,, and all digital platforms. The names of the albums in 2022 include Hip Hop, RnB, Soul Crystals Vol.1, African History Vol.1, 72 Diamonds Vol. 40, Michaela Queenie Johnson Vol.7, and History Of Epidemics Vol.2.
The music genres of his instrumental albums are hip hop, RnB, soul, funk, and EDM. The music themes of the titles of his songs contain African history, love stories, and the true history of epidemics. All albums are self-produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed.

 "My Music Is About Knowledge, Truth, Consciousness, And Conscience"

 Biography: Michael Prince Johnson (born November 24, 1983) is an Afro-American instrumental music artist, producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, Live-Act, and DJ. 
He lives in Vienna, Austria. He is known for playing ancient African instruments such as Kalimba, Mbira, Shekere, and Brazilian Surdo and for his educational impact. He is also known for his versatile and virtuosic instrumental musician, prolific album output, live electronic acoustic music performances, DJ set, and for his fashion. He released from 2007 up to today 70 albums and 600 songs. All albums are self-produced, composed, arranged, performed, and mixed. 
His instrumental music includes different styles, including EDM, hip hop, RnB, soul, funk, Pop, rock, African music, and Meditation music. His music themes are African history, sociology, psychology, love stories, world history, and today. 
He is a member of the music duo band The 72 Diamonds with his wife, Michaela Queenie Johnson. He released numerous albums such as 72 Diamond Vol.1 to Vol.40, Michaela Queenie Johnson Vol.1 to Vol.7, and History Of Epidemics. His songs achieved airplay success on mainstream, adult contemporary, classic hits, and urban music radio formats in (UK) BBC, (US) The Greatest Hit 92 and Hot 97, (Canada) Bounce Radio CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM, (Australia) 89.3 LAFM, (Austria) Hitradio Ö3, and MyTuner Radio (Worldwide).
The song "Let's Go Crazy" debuted at number #1 on the Greatest Hits WRRN 92 Gold, Bounce Radio CKX-FM 96.1 BOB FM, and MyTuner Radio.
He is the first based in Austria instrumental music artist, composer, producer, Live-Act, and DJ to achieve global airplay success on mainstream, adult contemporary, classic hits, and urban music radio in the US, Canada, UK, and MyTuner Radio.
He has achieved worldwide airplay success with the songs:
"History Of Epidemics"; "African History Vol.1 "; "War Produced The Death and Destruction"; "Importance Of Nature"; "Time For Wedding";" You Are Important"; "Let's Go Crazy"; " Kiss After The Rain"; "Black African Civilization Kemet-Egypt"; and many more.
He performs at numerous clubs, events, historical locations, and concerts, Space Ibiza, Wiener Stadthalle, Donauinselfest, Club U4, ORF RadioKulturhaus, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna City Hall (Rathaus), Schönbrunn Palace, and Belvedere Museum Vienna.
His live performances contain live sets, hybrid DJ sets, DJ sets with percussion instruments, DJ sets, and solo acoustic performances.
In his live performance, he plays all instruments: Kalimba, Mbira, Surdo, Shekere, and Sampler, including live singing and a DJ set.

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